Coon Lights



A. Nite Lite Rechargeable Nite Sport II 6 Volt Hunting Light
The Nite Sport II is the perfect all-purpose utility light for hunting, fishing, camping and more. Versatile, compact, easy to use and weighing just under three pounds, Nite Sport II is popular with hunters and outdoorsmen alike. The Nite Sport II can be used as a hands-free headlamp, a hand-held lantern or a belt-worn walking light. Features include the RHEOHEAD headlamp with an adjustable beam & rheostat and the Nite Lite rechargeable 6-volt gell battery system. Package includes: RHEOHEAD headlamp with black soft cap, rechargeable battery pack, padded case and wall charger.

B. Water Bottle Holster  $12.00

C. Garmin Holster $12.00

D. Tri Tronics Holster $16.05

E. Bulb Pouch Large $10.00

F. Bulb Pouch Small $8.00

G. Zepp's Lifetime Aluminum Coon Squaller
Anodized aluminum body, dual reed system. The #1 selling coon squaller in the country. Lifetime warranty covers everything except reeds. Lanyard included.
2 Reed - $21.00
3 Reed - $25.00

H. Zepps  American Man Squaller

Anodized aluminum body with a larger sound chamber and dual reed system make this a great squaller. Lanyard included. $21.00

I.  K-Light 21 Volt Light

Package deal Includes: 1 Smart Charger, 5100 Style Head, 1 Bump Cap, 1 Belt, 1 Extra Bulb One year warranty

with LED Head $375.00
with Redlight  $390.00

J. Johnson LED Light

Lightweight 3.6 volt 15W hunting light with smart charger $100.00
10W, Comparable to 21 Volt  $125.00

K. Nite Lite Rechargeable Topper 6 Volt Hand Held Flashlight
A Nite Lite Exclusive. Nite Lite introduces the new Wizard Topper light. Designed to be ruggedly stylish and functional. Perfect for fox hunters, coon hunters, campers, frog gigging, fishing and general utility. Lightweight, maintenance free 6-volt rechargeable wizard battery pack will provide up to 5.5 hours of continuous burn time on a single charge. Handy to have around the farm, home or auto. Package includes heavy-duty charger. Available in Yellow, Green, and Black.


L. G2L Head

The NEW G2L Advantage LED head is designed to give you more ADVANTAGE. This LED headlamp will plug into a 17 volt to a 28 volt belt or box light. It has a brightness control switch, located at the back of the head and lets you control the brightness of your light, from the head or battery pack. You will have the advantage to dial down to very low lighting or dial up to super bright lighting. With our K-Light battery pack you can get up to 14 days on low and 14 hours on high.

LED Head with redlight $190.00




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